Zimmermann Brakes, adhere to the commitment of being 'As close to OE as possible.' This underscores Zimmermann's dedication to aligning and developing all their products to match OE quality standards, covering material, dimensions, tolerances, and design.

In an industry where many manufacturers create proprietary products to dominate the spare parts market, Zimmermann takes pride in providing a comprehensive range of brake discs that ensures broad coverage across various vehicle models.

Taking the lead in product development, Zimmermann creates bespoke solutions for the aftermarket, especially when brake discs come with patent protection from the original manufacturer. The commitment to innovation includes offering alternatives for patented discs, such as:

  • Mercedes steel hub brake discs
  • BMW riveted composite discs
  • Audi Wave brake discs

These solutions cater to a diverse range of vehicles while adhering to patent-protected standards.