Throttle Controllers

Welcome to EMS Carparts, where quality meets performance! We take pride in offering only the finest parts for both popular and luxury cars.

One of our standout products is the PedalBox, the only throttle controller we offer. The PedalBox is the original throttle response controller from DTE Systems. This innovative device takes your driving experience to the next level by optimizing the accelerator pedal characteristic curve. Whether you drive a petrol, diesel, hybrid, or electric car, the PedalBox enhances acceleration by up to +10%.

With the PedalBox Pro Remote, convenience is at your fingertips. This wireless controller can be easily stored on your keychain, providing you with quick and effortless access. Alternatively, you can operate it anytime using your smartphone, giving you the flexibility to customize your driving experience on the go.

Installation is a breeze with the PedalBox, as it attaches to the throttle in no time at all. Once installed, it's immediately ready for use, ensuring that you can start enjoying the benefits of improved throttle response right away.