Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys goes beyond being just a brand; it's a lifestyle embraced by a global community. Fueled by a spirit of adventure, a devotion to achieving a brilliant shine, and a love for the open road, Chemical Guys invites everyone who shares this passion to join their extended family.

From the outset, Chemical Guys took a bold approach, starting afresh with the simple yet powerful idea of producing the finest quality chemicals in California, adhering to the highest standards. As time progressed, this evolved into much more than a chemical manufacturer – Chemical Guys became a vast repository of detailing knowledge, an industry benchmark, and a close-knit community united by a shared passion.

What propels Chemical Guys is an unwavering passion for achieving the perfect shine. The elegance of aerodynamic speed, the artistry of intricately welded metal sheets, the allure of freshly dipped chrome, the clarity of curved glass, the aroma of new hand-stitched leather, and the gleam of a recently waxed automobile serve as the inspiration.